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I’ve worked with Adam for 2 years, and I can say, without hesitation or hyperbole, that he is the best thing in my life. Before the pandemic, in person training was precise, professional, and geared towards not only my goals, but where my limitations were. I lost 60 lbs in 6 months, being in the best shape of my life, even though I was in my 40s. In the pandemic lockdown, the work has continued remotely. He constantly adjusted the program, not only as I progressed, but also as the equipment I had available progressed. I’m honestly surprised and genuinely pleased with how effective the remote training has been. The discipline, the workouts, and Adam’s support have gotten me through these difficult times physically and mentally in a way I wouldn’t have thought possible. Highest possible recommend, and worth every penny. Invest in yourself.


Adam truly changed my life. When I first started training I was pushing 200lbs. After 3 months I was blown away. I lost 40 lbs and totally transformed my physique. Results is an understatement, this is nothing short of transformational.
I never thought Id invest in training. I thought it was only for the elites, but I never once regretted my investment. It's funny, when I got down 10lbs in the first few weeks I was like, damn! I look good. 
Now I'm sitting and staying at 159 and it's been 2 years since my big transformation so yeah I kept it off.
*side note: to my brothers out there who are coasting on their wallets or "personality", let's just say, my wife has had two husbands - the fat one (old me) and the one who got a damn trainer (new me). Which marriage you think she likes better?  #realtalk
There are so many trainers out there that have no idea how to truly get the fat off and the right composition, and lack follow through and follow up.

If you're serious about your health or want to be in the best shape of your life, hands down working with Adam and his team will be your best investment. Just DO IT!
Highly recommend.


The positive impact ADAM DAVIS has made in my training, my body, and in my life has been amazing. Bottom line: He inspires me, he motivates me, he listens to me, and I TRUST him. I'm not going to lie; his training wasn't easy. He pushed me to the edges of my comfort zone. He exploited my physical and form weaknesses (which wasn't easy for my ego). Having an athletic background as well as spending some time as fitness coach, I know what I "should" do, and the basics of a "good" strength and condition program. I have also studied form and technique. So, when he was quickly able to point out some flaws and weaknesses in my lifting, I thought, "Damn, this guy knows what he's talking about". Simultaneously, he also pushed me (safely) to the limits of my strengths. He never "made" me do anything I wasn't capable of doing, and even though, after every session, I was a little sore and out of breath, I felt better. I felt stronger. Adam brought me to a whole new level. Also, his knowledge of nutrition and recovery is remarkable. He held me accountable for the other 23hrs we weren't training. Huge game-changer. In the end, I not only lost weight (30lbs) I lost fat AND gained muscle. Working with Adam not only improved my physical wellbeing, but my mental wellbeing as well.


I've trained with Adam in the past. He is extremely thoughtful and designed a custom program taking into account areas I need to improve and some pain points I was dealing with. 
I've seen great progress working with Adam. I'm able to get the most out of each session without him pushing me too hard since I don't respond well to an aggressive coaching style. 
His friendly demeanor and the fact that he cares for each of his clients is a huge plus in this industry. He has a deep knowledge regarding nutrition and body composition which has benefitted me beyond personal training. 

Thanks Adam! I'm more than happy to leave this review. 

Don't hesitate to book a consultation. I've never felt uncomfortable or any pressure to commit but am glad I did.


I met Adam about 5 weeks ago and couldn't be happier with the progress we have made. I have my own small gym(10x10' room) with a small amount of equipment and some affordable additions Adam has recommended (bands etc.) Adam and I do virtual training. I am have always been moderately active. Starting 2021 I realized I had gotten to a weight and body shape I wanted to change. I worked out for 2.5 months on my own, while also trying to eat what I thought was healthy. I did start to transform... but I hit a plateau and wasn't seeing the results I really wanted. I was introduced to Adam through my cousin who loved his results. I stay committed and the results have been mind blowing. I have personally never seen my body this good especially with how quick. He does it with proper lifting, slow and controlled, and accurately eating what your body needs. If your looking for change and ready to commit, give Adam a go, you will be stoked.


After only being with my AMAZING trainer Adam for 6 weeks I have already crushed a goal I set, which was to push his Silverado Pickup Truck! I've never felt stronger or more badass in my life!

I've always been a petite woman and felt physically weak when I knew mentally, I was the exact opposite. I was attending HIIT workout classes and ran marathons regularly, but I never felt strong or happy with the way my body looked/felt. I knew I liked lifting weights, but was afraid to approach them in a male dominated lifting room and doing weight lifting videos at home with minimal equipment just wasn't cutting it. 

From day one Adam was there listening to my personal goals and NEVER made me feel he was just doing what he did with every other female he was training. He helps educate me about what works for me dietarily and encourages me to push harder every session. He makes training fun and every week we work together to get closer to my goals. 

One thing I love is Adam's high expectation on accountability, not just from me but on us as a team. I used to spend hours working out and dreaded it, but with Adam I realized that the focused attention he provides in just 3 hours a week (along with a smart meal plan) could get me to where I want to be for the first time in my life. Adam has proven results and I feel so lucky to have found a system that works not just for me, but simply WORKS!


I have been working with Adam for ~1 year and can say without a doubt he is the best trainer I have worked with. He is positive and encourages and pushes me to push my boundaries. Typically, I would throw in the towel, but with his support I am lifting more than I ever have before. In COVID, I have found it particularly hard to focus on my diet, but Adam has been very supportive and persistent in getting me to focus on the diet aspect as well. However, he has given me a break the last few weeks because I am a new dad and not sleeping much, if any! I cannot recommend Adam more as he is supportive, helpful and adaptive to your needs. Unlike other trainers I have worked out with in the past, Adam has never made me feel bad or inadequate, but rather he is a positive and supportive person.


I hadnt been able to work out for more than a few months in my entire life. I was 36 at the time. I wanted to change that. I figured if I finally invested some money into my work outs then maybe I'd stick to it.  So I did some research and ended up finding Adam. A little context, I was about 20% body fat, hadn't worked out in years and would get dizzy walking up a flight of stairs. Adam was not only a trainer but an incredible teacher. He taught me how to do work outs so that I maximized my time and progress. He made it super clear how to eat and all the dynamics behind eating for training. Within weeks my body was transformed. It's now been two and a half years and I haven't missed a week of working out. It's now part of my lifestyle and EASY. 10/10.


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