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A Transformation Story...

First, the basics: How old are you now and where do you live? What’s your occupation? I’m Lance Coury, 31 Years Young, living in Bell Canyon, CA and I am a retired X Games Moto X Athlete turned to a business owner entrepreneur. Tell me a little about how you gained the weight. Had you been heavy for a long time? Did it creep up on you slowly? I have always been in decent shape, I am a very active person, but I do love to eat. Lol. When the pandemic hit, live got stressful, managing my kids who couldn’t go to school while keeping my employees paid and customers happy was a feat. I was eating fast food and drinking alcohol more often than usual. It creeped up in the last year, I put 25 extra pounds on.

What was the biggest contributor to your weight gain? Diet? Inactivity? 100% diet. I was still active, riding mtn bikes, going on hikes, and even some working out. How did you feel when you were at your heaviest? How heavy were you then? And what age were you? I only got heavy after I turned 30, it was short lived, maybe about 6 months to a year before I realized I was unhappy how I looked and felt. I felt like I was still in decent shape. But I visually did not look in shape.

What was your turning point? Was there a ‘lightbulb moment’—or a low point—when you realized you needed to make a change? When I hit 168 lbs, I normally walked around under 150. I wasn’t ready to see 170lbs standing 5’8”. Take us through some of the changes that you made. What was that process like? What kind of workouts were you doing and how did your diet change? I originally started January 1 2021, (New Years resolution). I have had trainers previously and also used to go to CrossFit gyms, so I just would throw together my own work outs with the small amount of equipment I had, and I would do 3, 1 hour work outs a week. I got better at eating, less fast food, less fried food, but still was just eating most foods.

Did you work with a trainer or how did you go about the process of starting to work out again? How did you stay motivated? I can easily motivate myself. I have had enough moments of starting at the bottom and rising up. But I wasn’t educated enough to get to the point Adam helped me get to.

How quickly did you lose the weight/How long did it take? How much did you lose total? How do you feel as a result? I lost upwards of 34 lbs from my highest to my lowest in under 5 months. I have since gained some, but we believe it is muscle, considering my abs look better than ever and my body fat measured at 9.9%.

What did your friends/family think of your transformation? Did they notice right away? Were they shocked/stunned? To be honest, they didn’t think I was overweight, until I show them old photos. They are mind blown. But they watched how much dedication I put into this life change and know my personality of never giving up. Were there any other positive side effects that emerged as a result? Did you gain more confidence, meet a new partner, etc? I have been happier to smile in photos, I am sleeping better, my body doesn’t feel as sore in the joints, I crush all my daily activities, my brain is clearer. No joke! These are just a few things also.

What’s the next goal you have in mind for yourself? Are you finished yet? This is just the beginning. Next is Lee up on my body, I would like to gain more muscle while staying lean! If you had any advice for someone just getting started, what would it be? Life is short, give yourself a 12 weeks cleanse, eat clean, follow the rules, and wake up your body for the next great chapter of your life.

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