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Permanent Weight-loss

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

Since this is something we all wish to achieve, I feel it is an important topic to discuss.

Short-term weight loss is easy, we've all accomplished it at some point in our lives, and I like to think I've helped many of you accomplish this in previous times. BUT how can we make this weight loss sustainable? We all have that one friend who is always beach body ready, well, let's discuss how to make this possible, foLL OF YOU.

For the most part, it's about addressing habits and being consistent. Hopefully by now you've all learnt the do's and don'ts from your transformation progress, now we need to make these changes applicable to everyday life. We know life is about balance, and no one is perfect all the time (myself included). It is unrealistic for me to expect to be "constantly dieting."

So, what next;

Don't be afraid of Carbs

At some point each and every one of you has had this discussion with me around carbohydrates. They are not your enemy! Actually, carbs can be very useful in breaking you through a plateau. Why? Constantly dieting and calorie restricting will gradually slow your metabolism down, you'll feel less hungry energy will be low and you'll get stuck on your weight-loss journey. Choose foods high in resistance starch to help reinvigorate and boost your metabolism. Foods such as;

  • Oats

  • Cooked and then cooled rice

  • Cooked and cooled potatoes

  • Green bananas

Carbohydrates will also provide you with some more energy so you can kickass at your training sessions in the park (or at home).

Forget dieting

Once you have accomplished that sought after weight-loss goal of yours, its important reverse diet in order to get back to "normality." Normality is not being in a calorie deficit for the rest of your life, watching your friends eat cakes and ice cream while you sit there with some celery and hummus. Instead, aim to be consistent with your eating, gradually bringing your caloric intake back to a reasonable level, something more sustainable for the long-term to allow you those days to eat more freely. Try and stick to healthy, clean, whole foods at least 80% of the time and do your best to avoid processed foods (and anything that comes out of a packet or box).

Plan your cheat days

Yes, I know we just discussed avoiding processed foods, BUT we all have our vices, whether its ice cream, pizza, burgers, candy or whatever you desire, so plan for it! Planning your cheat days will make these foods even more enjoyable, we all know the term "delayed gratification", well yeah, that. The same goes for the reverse - law of diminishing returns. The more sugary crap you eat, the less enjoyable it becomes!

Planning your cheat meals allows you to eat what you want for that meal, without the feeling of guilt of messing things up! Once you’ve lost the fat and achieved your goal, those cheat meals are 100% deserved, not to mention the leaner you are the more carbohydrates and junk your body can handle.

Fat doesn’t burn calories, but muscle does!

Find your healthy community

Something I will look towards doing in the near future is creating a facebook group. Support is one of the best ways to help you stay on track, discussing issues and dietary ideas with other people also going through the same fitness journey as you, can massively improve your dedication and determination to succeed.

If you have any questions please email me!

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