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Weight-Loss Success!

An Interview with Dani - Life Changing weight-loss success interview

Losing weight is incredibly challenging, it takes determination, dedication and drive in order to continue to progress, to fight off those sugar cravings recognizing that at the end of this journey, you will be happier than the sugar makes you feel.

We all know some of the process, the exercise, the dieting ideas and fads, but what we don't know is the underlying reasoning, or environmental issues you, may or may not face when embarking on a weight-loss journey. Something I always like to mention to my clients.

"No one ever comments on your unhealthy dietary habits, BUT will have EVERYTHING to say about your new healthy eating plan."

Bear that in mind next time you start to make those healthy choices and remember why you're doing it.

Regardless of the setbacks and the challenge, it is all possible for everyone to accomplish, if you work hard and put your mind to it.



~ Otto Von Bismarck ~

So let's get started!

Q. Tell me a little about yourself and why you decided to make a change to your health?

A. I had just turned 37 and spent the last 3 months stuck in Florida during the Pandemic. I think I was just bored and wanted to do something to take my mind off the stress of life at that time. I had packed on a lot of weight and was the heaviest I had ever been in my life. I honestly didn’t look at it as a life change or a health thing or even a long term thing. I thought I would buy a package of sessions and then stop.

Q. How long did it take you to achieve your results? And what were the numbers?

A. I was 160lbs on day 1 and my initial pipe dream goal was to get to 127 which was my college weight. I seriously didn’t ever think it would happen. It’s been 9 and half months and I currently weight about 124lbs so 36 pounds down and the goal has shifted. I now plan to reach somewhere between 115 and 120 and re-evaluate then.

Q. What are your favorite health and fitness blogs, books or magazines that you read?

A. I never had any before but now I follow some food bloggers for recipe inspiration. @lilsipper and @starinfiniatefood. I also follow personal trainer, author and fitness coach James Smith @jamessmithpt. I plan to read his books eventually.

Q. What is your favorite healthy food to eat? What is the recipe?

A. My friend who is a chef shared a super easy recipe for turkey Bolognese that I love. I make it a few times a week and live off it for lunches and dinners.


Chopped garlic

Olive oil spray

1 package ground turkey ( I use organic 93% fat free)

1 can of crushed tomatos

About 2 cups of fat free chicken stock